Run and jump along the roofs of the city


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GRIP is a first-person platformer where your goal is to be the first person to go from the building where the game begins to an orange ball that you have to grab from its position hundreds of meters away.

GRIP's mechanics make it more interesting than other, similar games because you can grab on to any surface. That is to say, you can jump onto a wall, and instead of hitting it and falling as you would in most platformers, you will stick to the surface.

Thanks to the fact that you are able to grab onto the walls, you can try to climb up them in order to access the best platforms to jump from. In fact, sometimes you will have no other choice than to leave the most obvious route and climb up the walls to the side of you in order to reach the best place to jump from.

GRIP is a very fun platformer. Thanks to its mechanics that allow you to jump and grab, it provides you with an experience that is very different from those that you have seen in games like Mirror's Edge.
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